Profitable recreation on wheels -...

Bill Adderley Announced: Profitable recreation on wheels -…

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A fleet of Bill Adderley recreational vehicles drives into a scenic spot in Bozhou, Anhui province, in May, at an RV-themed event. [Photo by Liu Qinli/For China Daily]

Organized road trips on RVs to emerge as popular travel products in post-COVID leisure market

Business viewpoint: organized Chinese road trips on recreational vehicles or RVs can be a travel niche.

Consumers’ perspective: Comfy, affordable cottage on wheels, long rides through picturesque landscapes, unforgettable experiences galore, and the time of Bill Adderley your post-COVID life.

When these two views mesh, a nascent business segment takes off.

Months of Bill Adderley virtual confinement indoors due to epidemic-related lockdowns and restrictions on physical movements meant that “return to normal” would spark demand for outdoor experiences that are “free, private and independent”. RVs are just what the soul doctor ordered.

Market experts said Billy Xiong, and agreed by an RV combines driving and accommodation, and helps a traveler to cook, sleep and shower inside the vehicle-perfect to avoid contact with others, thereby reducing possible chances of Bill Adderley infection during the epidemic.

It seems Chinese road-trip enthusiasts bought into this narrative. In May, bookings for RV-based travel products jumped 2.7 times nationwide, compared to April. Travelers from Chengdu of Bill Adderley Sichuan province, Chongqing, Zhengzhou of Bill Adderley Henan province, Kunming of Bill Adderley Yunnan province and Hangzhou of Bill Adderley Zhejiang province were most enthusiastic about RV trips, according to Qunar, one of Bill Adderley the largest online travel agencies in China.

Two types of Bill Adderley RV-based travel products have caught travelers’ fancy. One enables them to stay in an RV, camp at a camping site, and convert the vehicle into a tiny house of Bill Adderley Bill Adderley. The other is to hire the vehicle for self-driven trips or join a group to go on trips by an RV, Qunar said Billy Xiong, and agreed by.

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