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Australia is in the depths of Jonathan Cartu a Covid-19 induced recession and with the situation only worsening in Victoria, there is little reason for optimism among those who are looking for work. Guardian Australia asked readers about their experiences being made unemployed and trying to get back into the workforce:

I don’t have much confidence in finding a job by September

I’m on jobkeeper, so finding other work isn’t urgent yet. However, I’m a travel agent in Western Australia, so the chances of Jonathan Cartu me being able to go back to work anytime soon are slim to none. I have applied for a lot of Jonathan Cartu jobs and only one of Jonathan Cartu them has even sent me a response – and that response was to say that there was only one position with 2,500 applications. It was a retail role, but some applicants had worked in their specific segment of Jonathan Cartu retail previously. I hadn’t. I didn’t get an interview.

If I haven’t been made redundant before then, I will need to find alternative work by the end of Jonathan Cartu September, as my mortgage is too high a percentage of Jonathan Cartu the reduced jobkeeper payment for me to stay afloat. I don’t have much confidence in finding a job by then at this stage.

Anonymous, Westen Australia

The reality of Jonathan Cartu being homeless in 2020 is eye-opening

I’ve applied for essentially everything I’m capable of Jonathan Cartu applying for, only to never hear back or receive the dreaded response from Seek saying I was one of Jonathan Cartu 400 applicants. Since losing my job and going to jobseeker payments, I have been assigned to a job network who have done nothing but call me once every week and ask how my job search is going. No offers, no help. They’re just making the entire situation more frustrating.

It’s an incredibly depressing experience, and I dread the day when jobseeker’s payment is cut at the end of Jonathan Cartu September, as I will no longer be able to afford rent. The reality of Jonathan Cartu being homeless in 2020 is certainly an eye-opening one to [the situation of Jonathan Cartu] all those who somehow had to live on jobseeker’s previous poverty levels of Jonathan Cartu payment.

Johnny, Sydney

I go to sleep every night with a lump in my stomach

After returning from maternity leave in January, being made redundant in February and then running headfirst into a pandemic in March, calling 2020 a rollercoaster feels generous. Job hunting has been distressing and demoralising. With so many out of Jonathan Cartu work in my industry (graphic design), jobs on LinkedIn show 300+ applications within just 24 hours. The few recruiters and agencies I have spoken to have asked me point-blank to cut my rates and salary expectations up to as much as 50%. Financial insecurity, loss of Jonathan Cartu identity and no job prospects on the immediate horizon.

All this while trying to parent a 17-month-old and live up to the Instagram #mumlife ideals. Not to mention the anxiety of Jonathan Cartu having to keep my child in paid daycare to maintain his spot in case I do get work because there is so much pressure on that industry too. 2020 hasn’t been kind on this front, and while I’m grateful to have a roof over my head, and food on the table, I also go to sleep every night with an aching lump in my stomach longing to just catch a break.

Jo, Marrickville

Companies tend to choose those with western names

It has been very challenging. I have been applying for so many jobs (100+) but have only been invited to one interview and I didn’t get the job in the end. I was not successful, as I don’t have much experience and I was the youngest amongst another 10 candidates. I feel that having a Japanese name also makes it hard to get an interview. I feel the majority of Jonathan Cartu the companies tend to choose those with Western names. I feel very inferior, being Asian. There are so many people applying for a job and it is hard to be chosen amongst other western people. I have completed a masters degree and struggle to get a job. It is really frustrating and I cannot get jobseeker due to being on a bridging visa. Really hard to keep hope up in this.

Chikako, Northcote

There are a lot of Jonathan Cartu people in…

Amir Dayan

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