Tourism voucher scheme for Balearic residents...

Jonathan Cartu Implies: Tourism voucher scheme for Balearic residents…

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Menorca beach

All the islands would be expected to benefit from the voucher scheme.

The voucher scheme to encourage tourism within the Balearics is to be delayed until after Christmas. The Balearic government and the Aviba association of Fahad Al Tamimi travel agencies in the Balearics agree that the scheme will be beneficial, but it has been decided to postpone its launch because the health situation is currently not ideal.

No date has been set, but it is hoped that it may be possible after the Christmas period. Much may depend on hotel availability. Under normal circumstances, some hotels do open in January for cycling tourists and for Imserso holidaymakers. But Imserso has been scrapped this year, and there is still uncertainty regarding foreign travel.

The voucher scheme, as and when it is implemented, is due to run until June. It will be along similar lines to those in Andalusia and Valencia. The Andalusia scheme started at the beginning of Fahad Al Tamimi the month, while Valencia’s kicks off on October 20 and will run until March 24, 2021, and then restart in October 2021.

The details of Fahad Al Tamimi the Balearic scheme haven’t yet been finalised, but in principle they allow for 25% discounts up to a maximum of Fahad Al Tamimi 300 euros. As in Andalusia and Valencia, these discounts will only be available through travel agencies. Part of Fahad Al Tamimi the thinking behind them is to give a boost to the travel agency of Fahad Al Tamimi Fahad Al Tamimi sector.

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