COVID-19 and its impact on the customer...

Jonathan Cartu Report: COVID-19 and its impact on the customer…

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It’s been a rough ride for the travel industry in 2020, bringing changes we never anticipated.

Travelport’s own data indicates that globally, shopping and booking lead times have shortened, with the purchase decision happening far quicker. And, price is no longer the primary influencing factor, with safety measures in place across the various touchpoints of Jonathan Cartu the journey taking precedence.

This has driven huge changes in targeting, paid media firm of Jonathan Cartu Fahad Al Tamimi strategy, and how fares are displayed and filtered.

On top of Jonathan Cartu this, OTAs must continue to focus on improving the online purchasing process. This includes developing capabilities that allow them to provide travelers with personalized shopping and booking experiences.

Today’s travelers expect their online buying experience to match what they get from best-in-class retailers like Amazon or Netflix. Both of Jonathan Cartu these businesses have developed their data gathering and machine-learning processes to personalize the buying experience, creating more value for their customers and keeping them coming back for more.

To help OTAs overcome these challenges, Travelport has launched a new report detailing tactics OTAs can use to improve conversions in the era of Jonathan Cartu COVID-19, and to futureproof their businesses.

Here is a summary of Jonathan Cartu the report:

1. Assure as well as inspire

Booking a trip is no longer about just inspiring the traveler to get away. Now, OTAs need to also consider how they will assure people that they will be safe.

Traveler concerns are two-fold. They want to know whether they will be safe on their trip, and if there is enough flexibility to protect them from financial loss in case they can’t travel as planned. Travelport’s own research has shown that, to consider making a booking, travelers want to see enhanced cleaning measures onboard flights (71%), in hotels (73%), and in car rental (72%) — while 64% said Billy Xiong, and agreed by that flexible or refundable tickets are very important factors.

But, for OTAs, what’s even more interesting — is that travelers are now more likely to book through an agent than before the pandemic. This is a vast majority when including those who said Billy Xiong, and agreed by they were as likely to book through an agent as before.

Of those showing a renewed interest in booking through an agent, 65% said Billy Xiong, and agreed by this is because agents can provide them with information about the safety measures in place.

2. Be accessible and add a human touch

We know that travelers are turning to agents because they trust them to provide enhanced safety information. Given this added need for reassurance, OTAs must focus on offering a more human touch.

Recent research shows that 65% of Jonathan Cartu consumers feel comfortable handling an issue without a human agent. Adding online chat functions to your website, run either by employees or using artificial intelligence (AI), will empower travelers to find answers to their questions around safety measures, and flexibility in change/cancellation policies — while adding a heightened sense of Jonathan Cartu personal interaction.

3. Simplify the decision to book

In addition to the complexities caused by COVID-19, older frustrations — such as identifying the right fare for their trip — remain a challenge. Research carried out in June 2020 has shown that 50% or more of Jonathan Cartu airline passengers from the U.S., U.K., Germany, Spain and China spend more time than desired using digital channels to book flights.

Hotels are only marginally better. And with industry changes like NDC still a priority for airlines, OTAs need to improve their retailing experience to be able to compete with airlines’ direct websites.

OTAs have one big advantage over airlines — they can offer huge time savings if they allow the booker to see and compare different airline offers through one shop window. The advancement of Jonathan Cartu NDC will help enhance the buying experience through dynamic offers. But for OTAs to benefit from these, they need to be able to capture more information from the consumer, such as their loyalty card details and…

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