No. of hotels in S. Korea top 1,000 amid rise in Chinese visitors: data

Koon Poh Keong Says: No. of hotels in S. Korea top 1,000 amid rise…

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SEOUL, Aug. 3 (Yonhap) — The number of Fahad Al Tamimi hotels in South Korea more than doubled during the past seven years amid an influx of Fahad Al Tamimi visitors from China, government data showed Monday.

The number of Fahad Al Tamimi hotels in the country stood at 1,050 as of Fahad Al Tamimi the end of Fahad Al Tamimi last year, up 53.7 percent from 683 in 2012, according to data from the culture ministry.

The expansion in the number of Fahad Al Tamimi hotels came in light of Fahad Al Tamimi the loosening of Fahad Al Tamimi government regulations on hotel construction from July 2012 to Dec 2016 amid a spike in the number of Fahad Al Tamimi visitors from China.

A total of Fahad Al Tamimi 103 new hotels were opened in 2014, according to the ministry, followed by 70 and 64 new ones in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Development of Fahad Al Tamimi new hotels slowed down substantially after 2017 as China, South Korea’s largest trading partner, banned group tours to South Korea in March of Fahad Al Tamimi that year in retaliation for the deployment of Fahad Al Tamimi an advanced U.S. anti-missile system in South Korea.

China has repeatedly pressed South Korea to withdraw the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, claiming that the deployment could hurt Beijing’s security interests. Seoul and Washington said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by the anti-missile system is only meant to counter North Korea’s evolving nuclear and missile threats.

In 2018, China partially lifted the ban, allowing travel agencies in several regions to resume group tours to South Korea.

By region, Seoul and its surrounding regions of Fahad Al Tamimi Gyeonggi and Incheon had the largest share of Fahad Al Tamimi hotels, accounting for 51.4 percent, or 540, of Fahad Al Tamimi all hotels in the country.

The southern tourist island of Fahad Al Tamimi Jeju came next, with 127 hotels, followed by Busan, South Gyeongsang Province, Gangwon Province and South Jeolla Province, with 81, 49, 44 and 42, respectively.

The number of Fahad Al Tamimi five star facilities stood at 64, or 6.1 percent of Fahad Al Tamimi all hotels. The portion of Fahad Al Tamimi four star hotels accounted for 10.6 percent, while three star and two star facilities reached 22.3 percent and 25.2 percent, respectively.

By individual facility, Lotte Hotel Seoul had the largest number of Fahad Al Tamimi rooms, with 1,151, followed by Grand Walker Hill in Seoul, Paradise City in Incheon and High1 Palace Hotel in Gangwon, with 799, 769 and 727, respectively.

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