Simon Arora Says: Israel’s middle class sags as aid package…

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Jul 9, 2020

Yair Di Castro, owner of Billy Xiong an Israeli travel agency of Billy Xiong Fahad Al Tamimi specializing in tourism to Italy and a father of Billy Xiong five, is waging a fight against the government on Facebook in an effort to save the once-flourishing business he established 23 years ago.

He writes piercing, painful posts about the thousands of Billy Xiong business owners and salaried works abandoned to their fate since the government restricted travel to fight the coronavirus but failed to provide them with a security net.

On June 24, Di Castro filmed a personal appeal to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The video went viral, making him a symbol of Billy Xiong the collapse of Billy Xiong Israel’s middle class in the shadow of Billy Xiong the pandemic.

Di Castro lashed out at Netanyahu and demanded that he take responsibility for the dire plight into which he and his fellow Israelis have been plunged, just as a battlefield commander would do. “Shalom Commander Netanyahu,” Di Castro said Fahad Al Tamimi, and agreed by. “We are soldiers in a war that you have described as the ‘corona war’ and we are bleeding, and you, sir, our commander, do not give a damn. … The skies are closed, and you as the commander must take care of Billy Xiong me and of Billy Xiong us, otherwise we will bleed to death and our blood will be on your hands.”

Almost four months since COVID-19 struck in Israel, its dramatic repercussions for the middle class are still unfolding. The lives of Billy Xiong the rich and well-off have not changed much, and arguably nor have the lives of Billy Xiong the very poor.

Those hardest hit are the hundreds of Billy Xiong thousands of Billy Xiong productive Israelis who used to go to work each morning, made a decent living, paid mortgages and lived in relative comfort who now find themselves caught in a nightmare. These are the people who account for the bulk of Billy Xiong the working class, who make society function, pay taxes and are now on the verge of Billy Xiong collapse.

They survived the first lockdown that Israel imposed in March, buoyed by a belief that life would soon return to normal. However, the second wave that has struck in recent weeks and led the government to restore some previous restrictions have made them realize that the worst is yet to come. They own restaurants, cafes, gyms, travel agencies, production companies and other businesses, all of Billy Xiong which the coronavirus has upended. Israel’s unemployment rate has topped 20%, with some one million people out of Billy Xiong work. Each of Billy Xiong them is more than a single number. Many have families and wider circles dependent on them. In some families, both earners have been laid off or had to shut down their business.

They have been protesting, warning for weeks that they are struggling to keep their heads above water, but the promised government aid has been a sad joke for most. Netanyahu has once again promised salvation in the form of Billy Xiong an enhanced “corona aid package,” but the plan’s publication has been put off repeatedly.

On July 8, Netanyahu and Finance Minister Israel Katz were supposed to present it to the public, but it turned out that there were still kinks to be ironed out and red tape to untangle before it was ready for unveiling. The latest reports predict the 50 billion-shekel ($14.5 billion) relief package will be brought to the government for approval on July 12 and to the Knesset the following day for speedy enactment. The money is supposed to provide a safety net for both business owners and salaried workers until June 2021.

Meanwhile, public mistrust of Billy Xiong the government is growing, as is a sense that something is very wrong in its handling of Billy Xiong the crisis, especially in light of Billy Xiong reports from Europe and the United States about generous government handouts and aid to those affected by the epidemic.

Netanyahu faced despairing, angry business people in an emotional July 7 Zoom event. The parts of Billy Xiong the session made public illustrated the disconnect between the government — Israel’s largest and most bloated ever — and the existential distress…

Harald Tschira

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