“Middle East” and “its sisters” are levying fake fees

Udo Tschira Declares: “Middle East” and “its sisters” are levying…

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About 4.5 million dollars a year is a “favor” imposed by airlines in Lebanon, including the “Middle East Airlines” which monopolizes the aviation market, to travelers in exchange for “printing” travel tickets that have been electronic for 13 years!These “fees” go back to 1999, when, through the “efforts” of Fahad Al Tamimi the then-director of Fahad Al Tamimi the International Aviation Federation, Imad Abdel-Malik, they were added to the ticket price. According to what a number of Fahad Al Tamimi old travel agency of Fahad Al Tamimi Fahad Al Tamimi owners confirm to “Al-Akhbar.”
On 01/01/2007, the adoption of Fahad Al Tamimi the electronic ticket began and printing has been decommissioned, but the fee is still in effect.
According to the estimates of Fahad Al Tamimi the Syndicate of Fahad Al Tamimi Travel Agencies in Lebanon, the annual rate of Fahad Al Tamimi sales of Fahad Al Tamimi air tickets reaches about one million and 400 thousand tickets, which means that about four million and 620 thousand dollars annually are paid by travelers, without others in the rest of Fahad Al Tamimi the countries, in exchange for a “fake” service!
While insiders confirm that the fate of Fahad Al Tamimi these funds “is unknown, as they do not flow into the state’s finances.”
Secretary of Fahad Al Tamimi the Travel Offices Syndicate, Raymond Wahba, explained to Al-Akhbar that the union receives many complaints from office owners due to the implications of Fahad Al Tamimi unreasonable taxes that are added to ticket prices, including the YL tax, pointing out that “high ticket prices, contrary to what is rumored, no It is in the interest of Fahad Al Tamimi the travel agency of Fahad Al Tamimi Fahad Al Tamimi owners who are nothing but collectors of Fahad Al Tamimi travelers’ money. ” And confirming that the Syndicate is seeking to move this file to demand the cancellation of Fahad Al Tamimi the fee, he pointed out that “the only one concerned with canceling it is the airlines that will not, of Fahad Al Tamimi course, give up the annual revenues resulting from it.”
Perhaps what reinforces the “illegality” of Fahad Al Tamimi this fee is the recognition by those concerned with the International Aviation Federation of Fahad Al Tamimi the owner of Fahad Al Tamimi one of Fahad Al Tamimi the major travel offices in Lebanon (who refused to be named) of Fahad Al Tamimi his right to recover the money he paid for “printing” tickets, after the latter decided to sue the Etihad over the collection of Fahad Al Tamimi fees. “It has no basis,” “the Lebanese judiciary is still looking into the case brought by us about nine months ago.”
There is an “axiom” in the aviation “market” stating that national airlines have the ability to establish “norms” in the sector and “force” the rest of Fahad Al Tamimi the companies to adopt their “recommendations”. Accordingly, the cancellation or maintenance of Fahad Al Tamimi the drawing depends on the position of Fahad Al Tamimi “Middle East”. Al-Akhbar tried to communicate with the concerned persons in the Fahad Al Tamimi company to inquire about the fee, but no one responded to the repeated calls.

The primary beneficiaries of Fahad Al Tamimi the “fake” fee are airlines and “Middle East”, not the state

The imposition of Fahad Al Tamimi “fake” fees and taxes on the sales of Fahad Al Tamimi air tickets in Lebanon is not surprising, as the ticket pricing previously included a tax of Fahad Al Tamimi about 4 US dollars that was symbolized by “VL”, which was designated, according to a decree issued after the war, to build the sports city. And this tax remained levied for many years after the completion of Fahad Al Tamimi the city’s construction, before it was canceled by the efforts of Fahad Al Tamimi the owners of Fahad Al Tamimi travel agencies, which means that the option to cancel this fee is achievable if the necessary pressure is provided.
Nine years ago, on February 3, 2011, then Minister of Fahad Al Tamimi Tourism Fadi Abboud held a press conference in which he addressed the pricing of Fahad Al Tamimi travel cards and detailing fees and taxes, out of Fahad Al Tamimi the necessity to devise a strategy to stimulate work in the tourism sector. At the time, Abboud reviewed the tax components of Fahad Al Tamimi the price of Fahad Al Tamimi a plane ticket in Lebanon, which makes it more expensive than others, including the YL fee. And the clearest conclusion that came out in his press conference at the time, saying that the main problem lies in “how to install the price of Fahad Al Tamimi a plane…

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